Powering Businesses with the Cloud

LAN & WAN Solutions

As Google Cloud Partner for Africa, we deliver the promise and delight of Google Cloud to businesses and organizations across Africa that include Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Google Workspace and Google Education. We are passionate about our customers and the Google cloud tech space. We do our best to make our customers make the best of it.


Cloud Backup Solutions

As a Cloud Partner, we offer cloud data storage and backup solutions that offer organizations such as yours the flexibility to store and backup up your data in Google Cloud storage. All data is stored and backed up in near real-time and encrypted for security.

Re-evaluate your business model to fit the digital world by improving efficiency, agility, and cost-reduction with our cloud-native solutions.

Desktop and Virtual computing

With a Hosted desktop infrastructure, you can reduce your company’s desktop expenditure by 35% by replacing big and powerful desktops with small and power-efficient ‘thin’ clients.

However, don’t think of this as a downgrade. It’s quite the opposite. These little computers are just as powerful as their big and bulky predecessors because they have access to the power of the cloud. In fact, they can often be even more powerful.

With Virtual desktops, data isn’t stored locally, but safely on cloud. This makes it safe from human error, office mishaps, and even theft. This means even if somebody lost their laptop, your company’s important data can’t find its way into the hands of your competitors or cyber-criminals. Disasters like fire or other events of nature will have minimal impact on company data.

We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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